Building Local Ecosystem

cMapIT is using data to help Nigerians track social issues, understand the impact of governance, and fight corruption. This is being done with cMapIT’s web and mobile applications. The application opens up government data sets for instant download for analytics while there is API access for developers to build their own application with the datasets. To also expand the use of cMapIT’s mapping tools, which has more than 40,000 downloads, cMapIT has opened its first tech hub to adapt the project to local use in different Nigerian Local communities with the goal of setting up Local tech ecosystems.


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track social issues, build Localized smart infrastructure monitoring systems with our REST APIs, track public projects within/outside the annual national budget, understand the impact of governance and fight corruption.


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Donate to Ongoing Projects is tracking water supply points in different parts of Nigeria to understand the vulnerabilities to water insecurity and sanitation [REST API]

We are equally  tracking power distribution and energy usage in Nigeria to build a central open access database on energy patterns.

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 Water Datasets .xls  Energy datasets .xls

Our Experiment with Elections

We are experimenting with election monitoring, we designed an open solution to empower citizens on open elections.

Data Banks

Researchers’ Data Bank

This is the part of our online data bank that is closed and data access managed by a unit in our team. The online data bank is designed for academic researchers only.

Need this tech support for academic research? Kindly email us.

Citizens’ Data Bank

Open access online database that can help citizens collaborate to capture and share geospatial datasets, information around governance, public projects. The citizens’ data bank is also open to researchers and for public policy use.

Research Data Bank Citizens’ Data Bank

Land Rights Project

“Poor land governance systems are one of the biggest challenges to African development . . . New satellite and information technologies can greatly reduce the cost of land administration. A growing number of African countries are now using these systems to reduce the costs of surveying and mapping land.” – Makhtar Diop

“Deepen the knowledge of Land rights and the slums will be protected.”

Why we created this new project.

This USAID animation video describes how @cMapIT Localised mobile solution works.

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